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Coming January 1, 2018,  the popular Cafe JAYA changes it’s name to the Stone Mountain Public House.  Most of our guests and friends love the new name but are curious as to why we are changing it.

Here are the three top reasons for the name change….

1 – Many people cannot get our name right.  I hear people on their phones saying “I am at JaVa Cafe”  or “Jaba Coffee”  and these are just a few.

2 – Public House better describes what we are.  Coffeehouse yes, but also a cafe and pub.  A meeting place for the community.  A friendly oasis for our tourists and a contributor to local non-profits, which brings us to number three.

3 – We will dissolve Cafe JAYA and the non-profit status in late December and reopen as The Public House, a for profit entity on or around Jan. 1.  Over the last three years, we have consistently build a larger family of customers and friends, which in turn has required hiring staff.  Jeff and Rory have never taken a salary and have lived solely and humbly off of tips only for the last three years.  This has allowed us to hire four awesome employees and hope to hire more soon.  As with most businesses, we have not produced a profit, so we have been unable to provide monetarily to our three charities directly, although Jeff and Rory have given to one charity from their person account.  We are excited that we were able to at least make the public more aware that these three great non-profit entities exist.

As a for profit we are not as restricted in how we structure our giving and can begin offering a percentage of all sales instead of the current profit structure. We feel this is a better way of helping the community.

Well there you have it.  There are a few more reasons but these are the top three.

RUMOR MILL:  There are rumors circulating that we have lost our nonprofit status and that is why the change.  When you hear this lie, please correct the person.  If indeed we had lost our nonprofit status, the government would not allow us to continue to operate as such until the end of the year.  We are voluntarily dissolving our nonprofit status and reopening as a for profit all on our own decision.